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The chance for a trip to Ireland

Our number one sponsor of all time since the creation of Alissa's Hope has been Fallon's Bar and Grill. The owners of Fallon's have hosted many events and have helped us in every possible way. One of the owners was even the best man in our wedding!

Fallon's has started an incredible raffle for a 10 day stay in Ireland for two people all to benefit Alissa's Hope. You can visit the restaurant today to purchase your tickets or any of Alissa's Hope's board members will be selling them as well. They are 2 for $5. These tickets are being sold from now until St. Patrick's Day when the winner will be announced. How much fun is that?

My husband and I recently visited Ireland and I have to say that it is just beautiful there. The greenest green you have ever seen! And as Americans we cannot even fathom how old these buildings were. We drank at a pub that had been in business since 1198. 1198!!! That is not a typo. The people are kind and they are wickedly funny. The Guinness even tastes better when you drink it at it's home. It would truly be a trip of a lifetime. I wish that we could play to win so that we could go back.

I wish you much luck! I can't wait to see who wins!

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